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At FooDao, we pride ourselves in creating traditional, authentic Chinese street food and adding a modern twist that elevates our food to a whole new level.

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We create dishes packed with bold flavours, exciting new tastes and full of delicious, scrumptious experiences.


Craving for Chinese street food? Then FooDao is the Chinese restaurant Melbourne citizens would love to add on their list. FooDao ends your cravings with its menu of traditional Chinese street food that brings authentic flavours. From oven-baked wheat pastries (Fooshao) to steamed buns (Foobao), you’re sure to have a delicious and filling snack. We’ve got dumplings and street food delicacies that will have you coming back for more!

Oven-Baked Goodies

Have a taste of China in every bite of Fooshao. These wheat pastries are oven-baked upon order, so you get to enjoy the fresh ingredients right from the kiln. We are serving Fooshao in the following flavours: For meat lovers, we’ve got Black Pepper Beef, Korean Spicy Chicken Cheese, Traditional Pork, Rainbow Seafood, and Kung Bao Chicken. For vegetarians, enjoy our Chilli Pepper & Eggplant and 7 Veggie Combo.

Steamed Buns, Dim Sim & Dumplings

A Chinese resto wouldn’t be complete without the steamed buns, dim sim, and dumplings. Here at FooDao, we’ve got them all for you to enjoy! Our Foobao (steamed buns) comes in pairs and has two variants, one for meat lovers--Marinated Pork Foobao, and one for vegetarians--Vegetarian Foobao.

For some quick bites, let our dim sim and dumplings be your quick fix. You can partake of our prawn dim sim or the pork & prawn siu mai. Or why not snack on our red bean steam bun or finish up with our salty egg yolk bun? Both are traditional Chinese treats that are now on offer.

But if you want to get into the thick of things, grab a bite of our mouth-watering and delicious dumplings! Steamed to bring out the natural goodness of its ingredients like beef, chicken, carrots, prawns, and vegetables, you’re in for a savoury surprise that will leave you wanting more.

A Twist on the Ordinary

What makes our offerings a standout are the little twists we do on each of them. For example, our fooshao has a touch of Korean flavour. We also have a number of street foods you’d surely love, like our fried lucky bag, Kungfu chicken cutlets, and spring rolls! Be surprised and enjoy these delectable food choices where FooDao dine-in is available. You can also order them for takeaway or delivery.


Why take time wondering where to eat when there’s a go-to Chinese food delivery Melbourne residents call? Yes, FooDao delivers Chinese street food goodies and other Chinese food and more via your favourite delivery apps like Uber Eats, Doordash, deliveroo, and the like. Now give in to your cravings and check out what you can order from our mouth-watering menu of gastronomic delights.

FooDao Fortune Feast

Treat yourself to a feast with FooDao Fortune Feast. Choose from our affordable combos where you pick out which food treats will satisfy your palate.

Fortune Feast #1 - Your choice of Fooshao + Porridge or Soup + Beverage

Fortune Feast #2 - Your choice of Fooshao + Dim Sim + Porridge or Soup

Fortune Feast #3 - Rainbow Seafood Fooshao + your choice of Dim Sim + Porridge or Soup

Fortune Feast #4 - Your choice of Foobao + Dim Sim + Porridge or Soup

Street Food Delights

Experience China with our street food delights we’re sure you’d come back for more. Our Fried Lucky Bag will make you feel lucky indeed with its crab stick, green bean vermicelli, carrots, peas, shrimp & corn-based pastry, fried just right! We’ve got an all-time favourite you shouldn’t miss: Sesame Balls. This is a staple after-dinner dessert made with sticky white rice flour, red bean paste & sesame seeds.

Satisfy your meat craving with our Giant Rib: it’s marinated pork rib, bread crumb & ginger sauce, crispy fried to perfection. We also have Jing Cake that hits the right spot with its heavenly sweetness. It’s made from sticky white rice flour, red bean paste, candied red date, and a sprinkle of sugar. The best part of this dessert is it has a mini version which you can include when selecting your meal items.

For the vegetarians, we’ve got our Veggie Spring Rolls with mashed potatoes, cabbage, carrots, green bean vermicelli, and corn-based pastry. And speaking of spring rolls, our Garlic Prawn Spring Rolls are simply marvellous, with shrimps, diced bamboo shoots, garlic, and spices that will make savour each bite.

Hungry now? Order Chinese Food Delivery in Melbourne by downloading any food delivery app to your mobile and look for FooDao to check out our other food offerings.


On the hunt for the best Chinese food Melbourne has to offer? Whether you’re browsing through your food apps on your mobile phone or surfing the internet, there’s one Chinese restaurant that perfectly hits the spot: FooDao. FooDao offers traditional, authentic Chinese street food, adding its own modern twist that elevates the dish to a whole new level.

With dishes packed with bold flavours, expect a gastronomical experience like no other as your taste buds take in the exciting new tastes that are authentically Chinese but with a dash of fusion from other Asian recipes. It’s traditional Chinese cuisine updated for modern tastes, tweaked to delight and satisfy the most discriminating palate of any foodie.

Traditional Food with a Twist

Take for example FooDao’s Fooshao. While the usual baked, unleavened, layered flatbread contains stuffing that’s either savoury or sweet, ours has a twist: we’ve got spicy variants like Korean spicy chicken cheese and chilli pepper & eggplant fooshao. We’ve got an all-veggie fooshao, too!

Our foobaos are something you need to sink your teeth into. Marinated with our very own special sauce (a secret twist we’re not willing to share!), the marbled pork, vermicelli, and wood ear mushrooms come together to bring you a fusion of flavours that give you that exquisite umami taste only FooDao’s expert chefs can create. Imagine that replicated in our vegetarian foobao but this time around, you’ve got a unique and tasty blend of sweet potato noodles, cabbage, carrots, and wood ear & shitake mushrooms gracing your palate.

8 Treasure Congee

Congee and soups are popular Chinese staples. And we at FooDao have a selection that would refresh your soul. Did you know that congee (porridge) is fondly called the chicken soup of Asia? It’s the go-to comfort food whenever you’re feeling tired, sick, or cold. Just like how the chicken soup is for a lot of Westerners.

Here at FooDao, we bring you our version of 8 Treasure Congee. Traditionally, the porridge has 8 ingredients, hence the name. But the ingredients vary depending on each Chinese family’s tradition and availability of ingredients. But the main ingredients always remain the same: glutinous rice and black rice. Then the rest of the ingredients are beans, mixed nuts, and dried fruits. Discover in delight what our 8 Treasure Porridge is made of. You’ll be surprised at how tasty our own version is.


Finding a decent Chinese food takeaway can be a hit-or-miss task. But not if your Chinese takeaway Melbourne foodies love is your go-to choice restaurant—FooDao. With an array of Chinese food from fooshao to foobao, from soup to porridge, from dumplings to dim sim, and a selection of Chinese street food, you’re definitely in for an unforgettable gastronomical journey.

Fooshao to Foobao

Oven-baked upon order, our fooshaos or wheat pastries are filled with ingredients that will satisfy everyone, from meat lovers to vegetarians. We’ve got Black Pepper Beef, Korean Spicy Chicken Cheese, Traditional Pork, Rainbow Seafood, Kung Bao Chicken, Chilli Pepper & Eggplant, and 7 Veggie Combo. Get to enjoy the juicy and tasty goodness of our fooshaos hot and fresh from the oven.

For steamed foobaos, enjoy a pair of marinated pork or vegetarian baos. Our marinated pork foobao was infused with our secret sauce that brings out the blended flavours of marbled pork, vermicelli, and wood ear mushrooms, giving you a savoury experience; while our vegetarian foobaos are filled with the healthy goodness of sweet potato noodles, carrots, cabbage, wood ear & shitake mushrooms.

Soup to Porridge

We’ll keep your hearts and tummies warm with our Chinese staple Sour & Spicy Soup with wood ear, silky tofu, shitake mushroom, carrots, bamboo shoots, and egg, to our Super Soft Tofu soup and Golden Chicken Soup Tofu stew.

But if you much prefer something heavier, we’ve got our porridge or congee for your consideration: our Chicken Mushroom porridge or 8 Treasure porridge. With rice as a base, these porridge specials are sure to give you a fulfilling meal in itself.

Dim Sim to Dumplings

What’s a Chinese resto without dim sims and dumplings? At FooDao, enjoy our prawn dim sim or pork & prawn siu mai. Steamed to perfection to bring out the juicy taste of ground pork and prawns with their respective secret recipes, every bite is heaven. You may also want to sample our steamed buns that come in two flavours: Red Bean Steam Bun and Salty Egg Yolk Bun.

And then we’ve got our dumplings. Delicately and meticulously prepared to bring out the natural flavours of its ingredients, you’re sure to savour the delectable goodness of our Beef & Carrot or Chicken & Prawn dumplings.

Takeaway Goodnesss

So, if you fancy having Chinese food anytime, order takeaway through your mobile phone by downloading any of the food delivery apps available such as Uber Eats, Doordash, deliveroo and the like. You’ll definitely be ordering the takeaway goodness from Melbourne’s best resto offering traditional Chinese food with a twist—FooDao.


There are many Chinese restaurants Melbourne has to offer, but there’s one that you should never, ever miss out on—FooDao Chinese Restaurant. It’s a must-try resto where you can enjoy the best Chinese food–and street food—they have on offer but with their own twist! Much has been said about how delicious and heavenly their food is but, the proof is always in the pudding: you MUST experience the gastronomical delights that FooDao provides.

The Best Chinese Pies in Melbourne

FooDao’s oven-baked goodies, also called Fooshaos, are wheat pastries filled with traditional recipes for Chinese pies. What makes them so deliciously good is that they are all baked upon order, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy a fresh serving of Chinese pies that come in a variety of flavours. If you’re a meat lover, you’re in for a treat with Black Pepper Beef, Korean Spicy Chicken Cheese, Traditional Pork, Rainbow Seafood, and Kung Bao Chicken. We’re veggie-friendly too as we have fooshaos in Chilli Pepper & Eggplant and 7 Veggie Combo.

Steamed Goodness

Steamed food is always a healthier option. The nutrients of the ingredients are retained; no oil is needed to cook them, therefore eating steamed food lowers cholesterol; keeps the food’s freshness; and softens food fibres, making it easy to digest. That’s just a few benefits of enjoying steamed buns, dim sim & dumplings at FooDao.

We’ve got steamed buns (foobao) with pork marinated in our secret sauce and vegetarian foobao too. We’ve put our own spin on the traditional prawn dim sim and pork & prawn siu mai you just have to taste how unbelievably good they are. Other traditional steamed food we have are our red bean steamed bun and our salty egg yolk bun.

And then there’s our dumplings. We’re mighty proud of it as we have perfected this mouth-watering traditional dish which only by steaming it can you enjoy the savoury taste of its ingredients like beef, chicken, carrots, prawns, and vegetables.

Street Food Treats

We’ll start you off with our Fried Lucky Bag. Savour the crispy goodness of crab stick, green bean vermicelli, carrots, peas, shrimp & corn-based pastry, fried to perfection! Our sesame balls are great for after-dinner desserts with their ingredients like sticky white rice flour, red bean paste & sesame seeds, you’re ending your meal blissfully. Other street food treats we have on offer are our Giant Rib, Jing Cake, and our Veggie Spring Rolls.

Hearty Soups

FooDao also serves soup and porridge that will keep you warm on a cold or rainy day; or if you just want to have your comfort food any time of the day. We have Sour & Spicy Soup, Super Soft Tofu soup and Golden Chicken Soup Tofu stew. But if you want something more filling, our porridge or congee may do the trick. Check out our Chicken Mushroom porridge or 8 Treasure porridge. With rice as a base, they will surely leave you satisfied.

At FooDao, you’ll experience the best in Chinese cuisine. Order takeaway through your mobile phone by downloading any of the food delivery apps available such as Uber Eats, Doordash, deliveroo and the like. Or find us in Melbourne Central. FooDao, where you get to enjoy delicious traditional Chinese street food with authentic flavours.